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Lead Role Actress Lerano Franco Paharganj Movie Heroine

Rakesh Ranjan Paharganj Movie Director

Prakash Bhagat Paharganj Movie Producer

Bollywood Movie Paharganj 2019
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Paharganj, the little Amsterdam of India !
One of the most chaotic peace of places on earth ! The Indian capitals "Blind Eyes" ! A heavenly hippy conspiracy mission ! Forbidden for Indians ! Israelis and Russians,are the chosen one to rule the Republic of Paharganj, a country within a country. A laboratory junction of runaway street kids from nearby New Delhi Railway Station,drug pushers,peddlers, addicts,rapists,lovers,pimps and prostitutes,murderers of more than 700 missing foreigners every year.Love is animal sex,rape is party,suicide is sleep,murder is ritual.Welcome to the "Hash Street" of India.You see You don't see ....

The Cast

LORENA FRANCO,Female Lead,PaharganjTheFilm

Laura Costa

In the desperate need to find her lover Robert, Laura Costa from Spain visits India for the first time and her life takes a drastic turn, she lands herself into the dark and dingy lanes of Paharganj (Delhi),

Gautam Menon

Coach Menon (40), a champion basketball coach, is struggling to come out of his nightmares, where he is haunted by the death of his brother Joy.



Munna and his notorious gang of rag pickers, are used as drug dealers. In the midst of rivalry and gang war between these street children, their destiny is about to change

Jitender Tomar

Jitender Tomar, the only son of home minister Dharam Pal Tomar, has been murdered on his 25th birthday.

Gyanesh Pratap,cast,PaharganjTheFilm

Gyanesh Pratap

Gyanesh Pratap,an officer responsible for handling the most impossible cases in Delhi.Will he be able to hold his record by solving the Paharganj mystery.

Vinayak Srivastava

Vinayak Srivastava, the young officer well equipped with his knowledge of dark web and international assassination market.Paharganj case is going to be his toughest one so far.

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